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Kilns are an essential part of the manufacture of all ceramics, which require heat treatment, often at high temperatures. During this process, chemical and physical reactions occur that permanently alter the unfired body.

Service Type Installation, Maintainence
Brand Kinc Group

In the case of pottery, clay materials are shaped, dried and then fired in a kiln. The final characteristics are determined by the composition and preparation of the clay body, by the temperature at which it is fired, and by the glazes that may be used. Although modern kilns often have sophisticated electrical systems to control the firing temperatures, pyrometric devices are also frequently used.


  • LEAD RECYCLING PROJECT – ROTARY KILN BASED & FURNACE TYPE KILN BASED KINC designed and supplied Bharat's only rotary kiln based lead recycle plant in 2012 having capacity of 5tph. Lead recovery up to 90% from waste batteries. Also we supplied furnace based projects from 1tpd up to 5tpd.
  • COPPER OXIDATION PROJECT (COPPER WASTE RECYCLING) KINC designed and supplied copper oxidation plant which produces copper powder of 300# from waste copper wires, bars, etc..
  • MANGANESE ROASTING PROJECT KINC designed and supplied an indirect firing type manganese roasting plant which converts manganese dioxide to manganese oxide having capacity of 2tph.
  • BIO-WASTE TREATMENT PROJECT IN MALAYSIA KINC designed & supplied 40tph EFB washing, drying, shredding & briquetting project in Malaysia.
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